Consulting & Program Management

Closedloop Communications Inc, achieve high standards of organization by coordinating multiple projects and operation for our clients infrastructures needs and serviceable objectives.

Through market research we develop the architecture and frame the hardware and software for the operations. Every facet from conception to implementation is vigorously tested in our lab in order to verify operations runs smoothly, before, during and after implementation..


Engineering Services

Our Engineering team utilizes control theory applied to communication system’s, analysis and information, with the architectural design of integrated systems that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our highly experienced team evaluates, manages & maintains every aspect of the architectural frame on an ongoing basis.


Data Facility Management

Closedloop Communications, Inc., delivers high quality on-site data facility management service validating emergency operational procedures (EOP) preventing down times by identifying vulnerabilities before they happen while reducing critical risk to the systems infrastructure.

Our Data facility management also maintains clients computer systems and data processing operations.


Global Market Data Research & Intelligence

Closedloop Communications, Inc., handles data research and intelligence specific information for our valued clients regarding particular competitor information data of  information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, investments and intentions.


International Procurements

We can identify product manufacturers across the globe and analyze this information for our clients whom seek to reduce production costs.


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