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Description:  identify vulnerabilities of and attacks to the design and operation of a system (H/W, S/W, ICS/SCADA/IOT, personnel procedures, logistics, and physical security) by relating vulnerabilities and attacks to effects on operations and missions supported by those systems.  Compare and contrast various system attack techniques and develop operationally affective countermeasures.  Produce formal an informal reports, briefings, and perspectives of actual and potential attacks against the systems or missions being studied.

The System Vulnerability Analyst – Level 2 shall possess the following capabilities:

  1. identifies vulnerabilities and attacks to the design and operation of a system
  2. performs control system security analysis
  3. performs wired and wireless network security analysis
  4. conducts vulnerability analysis
  5. develop scalable mitigation strategies


3 years of experience with ICS/ SCADA / IOT devices and software computer or information systems design development programming information cyber network security vulnerability analysis penetration testing computer forensics information assurance and or systems engineering


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field (e.g., general Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Forensics, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Information Security)


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