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Intel Agency (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc)


Early Career (2+ yrs experience)

$125,000 – $150,000


CI Polygraph

Engineering – Systems

The Systems Engineer Skills Level 2 shall have the following responsibilities:

1. Defines and manages system requirements and ensures the delivery of systems that are compatible with the defined system architecture(s) – DoDAF, SOA, etc.

2. Develops technical documentation and assists with developing test procedures to validate requirements.

3. Conducts feasibility studies and assist with analysis of alternatives.

1. The Systems Engineer Level 2 shall have a minimum of eight (8) years of experience in one or more of the following: (See “LCAT Substitutes” Education and Technical Certifications for substitutes to this requirement for a total of six (6) years only):

a. System engineering of DoD command, control, communications and intelligence (CI) systems

b. Analyzing needs, deriving system-level requirements and contributing to the design development, implementation and maintenance of computer networks and systems

c. Microelectronics engineering, integrated circuit design and integrated circuit reverse engineering skills

Without regard to any “LCAT Substitutes”, the Systems Engineer Level 2 shall have at least two (2) years of experience as a system engineer to include experience in leading and collaborating with a broad range of organizations and groups/teams needed to accomplish the system engineering task.

Relevant Degree: Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering, Computer Science, Math or Information Systems


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