• Global Market Data Research – Market Intelligence
  • International Procurements
  • ICS/SCADA Cyber Risk Management (compliance)
  • Independent Verification & Validation Services
  • System Development Live Cycle Support
  • Program Management
  • Network & Data Facility Asset Management
  • Secure Industrial Control System (SCADA) Services
  • Network & Software Architecture Security Guidance
  • Hardware & Software Analytics


  • Telecom & IT (Ericsson, Siemens, ALU, Nokia Siemens) (EF&I, T&A, IV&V, O&M)
  • Industrial Control Systems (DF Power controls & HS Power & Train Control Systems)
  • Network & Systems Architecture (Security Management)
  • Tools: Xgoldscanner, GrassMarlin, Nessus, Nexpose, Xacta, SAINT, Whisker, Sara, WireShark and Moxa solutions
  • Transportation & Power Communications Based ControlSystems (CBCS)


Security Risk Management:

Cyber security solutions methodology addresses the potential adverse impacts to organizational operations and assets, individuals, and the economic and national security interests of the customer arising from the use of information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) systems.

Systems Security Analytics:

To understand the related risk, we must understand what we are trying to protect, starting with good situational awareness, preparing for and conducting risk assessments, communications assessments results to key organizational personnel, and maintaining the risk assessments over time.

Systems Development Life Cycles:

Security risk results are prioritized and corrected through Mitigation and Remediation Planning, which is incorporated throughout the life cycle as passive ICS/SCADA network situational awareness and support.  Then, tailor or adapt security posture compliance with NIST (RMF), ICS-CERT & other regulations.


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  • SBA 8(A)
  • VA SWaM


  • DUNS: 128889701
  • CAGE: 3HM75
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